Our story

How did Klamby survive?
It all started in 2013

Klamby was founded by Nadine Gaus since 2013 but has started pioneered in 2011.

Nadine started this business by selling used clothes that get it from the markets selling used clothes around the city Yogyakarta, then by drawing and then re-photographed as promotional materials and packaged in neat packaging and marketed through social media Blackberry Messenger, Facebook, and Twitter.

That matter lasted for approximately 2 years and finally in 2013 new dared to create his own brand which is now known as Klamby.

Modesty Reimagined

Modesty Reimagined is a tagline from Klamby which describes that Modest Fashion is translated in a holistic sense and is not only related to Muslim Clothing.

Brand Key Messages

High Quality and Luxury Design

Premium with affordable price

Signature products inspired by Indonesian cultures and heritages